One foggy morning.


Very foggy!


you got mail.

After 3 months of intensive waiting…nothing!
After 2 emails and one week…came in on friday!


Not being able to breath through your nose sucks! I’m going to try this Vicks VapoRub and see if it helps.

We love books.

We do, we do! That’s why we dedicated a new page to our favorite books. You can find the link above our header and the page will be regularly updated. Enjoy and be inspired!


Yesterday we went to an exhibition of local artists. Next week all the pieces of art will be sold by bidding and the raised money will be donated to charity.  To get things started, we already placed a bid on this amazing picture from Littleyellowspider.

Getting ready.

Some new slippers to keep those feet warm in the coming winter…


I love this time of the year: lots of amazing colors, textures and plants you don’t get to see in the summer. Pictures of a visit to my parents with my sister this weekend. If you watch carefully, you can see a deer between the trees and branches.